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What is the Error URL for custom domains?

The Error URL is an optional URL that you can enter for your custom domains in the Domain Manager that tells the system where to send visitors if there’s an error with your custom domain tracking links.

The three most common cases where the Error URL is used are:
1.    You’ve made a typing mistake in the link slug of your tracking or rotator link when you added it to your ad, banner, or other traffic source.
2.    You’ve deleted a tracking or rotator link, but you still get clicks to it for some reason.
3.    You’re using the custom domain all by itself without adding a link slug to the end of it—which is an error because it looks like you forgot to add the link slug.

Users will sometimes do this intentionally so they can redirect clicks to an offer by simply using their custom domain without specifying any link slug. Technically speaking, this isn’t what the Error URL was intended for, but it does work.

Rather than simply ignoring the clicks to non-existent links, ClickMagick sends them to the Error URL for your custom domain if there is one. If there isn’t one, ClickMagick redirects the clicks to the account-wide Error URL in the “Traffic” tab of your Account Settings.

Article 398 Last updated: 06/13/2020 1:24:38 PM