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How do I track conversions from my rotators or rotator links?

We sometimes get asked how to track conversions and sales in rotators, but that doesn’t really make sense because a rotator is simply a tool that distributes clicks to a list of links called “rotator links.”

What does make sense is tracking the clicks that pass through the rotator links.

Here’s how…

Let’s say that you’ve set up a rotator to distribute clicks to a handful of similar affiliate offers and you want to know which offer performs best for your type of traffic.

To set this up, you would create a tracking link for each offer and add the tracking links to your rotator, not the links that point directly to your affiliate offers.

With this setup, you can run your traffic through your rotator and all of the sales statistics for each offer will be recorded in the tracking links.

For information on how to set up conversion tracking, read this article:

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To make things even easier to sort out, you could put all of the tracking links into their own link group so you can see them together without having unrelated links cluttering up your display. If you’ve never grouped links together before, you can read about it here:

What are Link Groups and the Group Manager used for?

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