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Why isn’t my Action, Engagement, or Sales pixel firing?

If your Action, Engagement, or Sales pixel isn’t firing, there are two common reasons.

The first is that your pixel simply isn’t being fired...

This can happen if you forget to add the pixel to your page, or you insert it into the wrong place on your page. JavaScript pixels can be inserted anywhere on your page, but classic “image/HTML” pixels must be inserted in the <body> section of your web page.

If you’re unsure about how to add tracking pixels to a page, read this article on adding them to a popular page builder:

How do I add tracking pixels or JavaScript code to ClickFunnels?
Tip: If you think you’ve installed your pixel correctly, you can use to Pixel Debugger to see if it’s actually being fired. The Pixel Debugger will show you all the pixels that have fired recently. If you don’t see your pixel in the list, then you haven’t inserted the pixel on the page correctly, or the page with the pixel isn’t being displayed.

Duplicate conversions

The second reason you may think your pixel isn’t firing is because the visitor is a repeat visitor.

In order to keep your stats as accurate as possible, ClickMagick will only record an Action, Engagement, or Sale for unique visitors to the page. This prevents your stats from getting corrupted when when users do things like constantly refreshing or reloading the page. You certainly wouldn’t want all of those refreshes or reloads to add to your stats.

If you want to use more than one Action, Engagement, or Sales pixel in your funnel, you can add a “Ref=” value to any pixel to make it unique and avoid having duplicate pixels. This is explained in this article:

How are duplicate Actions, Engagements, and Sales recorded?

Testing Your Pixels

Remember that when you’re testing your tracking links and pixels, the second time you go through a tracking link and the following pages, you will not look like a unique visitor. That means your pixels will not record any conversions in your A, E, or S columns and it will look like your pixels aren’t firing properly.

This is normal.

So, if you’re trying to test a tracking link and pages that fire pixels, you’ll need to use the Testing Tool to reset your “unique” status before going through your pages each time. This will cause your tracking link and your pixels to record your clicks and conversions as you’d expect.

This powerful tool is explained in this article:
How can I easily test my links and tracking pixels?

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