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How do I set up Integrated Sales Reporting in ClickBank?

Integrated Sales Reporting is ClickBank’s way of saying you will be using tracking pixels to track your Vendor and Affiliate sales. To set it up, just follow this written walkthrough and you’ll have your tracking pixels set up in just a few minutes.
Note: The recommended method for tracking sales in ClickBank would be to use their Instant Notification Service. But if you must use Integrated Sales Reporting, make sure it is the only method you are using.

Step 1 – Access the ClickBank Tracking Code Section

Log in to ClickBank. Once inside, click on the “Vendor Settings” tab:

Next, click on the “My Site” tab in the secondary menu bar:

Scroll down the page until you see the red button that says, “Add Tracking Code”. Click on that button:

Step 2 – Add Your Engagement Pixel

Next, you are going to add the engagement pixel to the ClickBank Order Form. This is needed if you want to track how many people land on your ClickBank Order Form.

Click on the drop-down menu, choose “Tracking Pixel” and click the “Add” button:

Now you need to add an Engagement tracking URL that’s customized for your account. If you’re using tracking links to track your pages, use this tracking pixel:[USERID]

If, on the other hand, you’re using Campaigns to track your funnel, use this special ClickBank version of the Campaigns pixel instead:[USERID]

Copy whichever URL makes sense for your setup and paste it into the Tracking Pixel URL field of the ClickBank form.


You can set up pixels as either a Vendor or as an Affiliate. If you’re at all unsure, you’re almost certainly an Affiliate, so select that option.

For the “Where to Fire”, select “Order Form”.

Next, in the “Order Form Event” list, change the setting for the PRODUCT_TITLE to “ref” in all lowercase. Delete whatever value is already there. After you’ve made the change, the PRODUCT_TITLE setting should look like this:


Leave all the other options exactly as they are now.

Click the “Save” button and your Order Page will be fully set up.


Step 3 – Add Your Sales Pixel

Scroll down the page again and click the red button that says “Add Tracking Code”.

Choose “Tracking Pixel” from the drop-down menu and click “Add” once again.

To set up the “Confirmation Page”, you’ll want to use the URL for the Sales tracking pixel:[USERID]&att=2


Next, select “Affiliate” and “Confirmation Page” for the next options:


Next: After you make these changes, your settings should look like this:

If you are a Vendor, select “Vendor” and “Confirmation Page” for the next options:

Set the PRODUCT_TITLE to “ref” in all lowercase and set the TOTAL_PRODUCT_AMOUNT to “amt” in all lowercase.


Leave all the other options exactly as they are now.

Click the “Save” button and your Confirmation Page will be fully set up.

Step 4 – Activate Your Pixels

Now that you’ve created your two tracking pixels, you need to enable them by clicking on the green “start” buttons next to each pixel:

You can pause, activate, or delete these pixels at any time, so don’t worry if you made some mistake or aren’t ready to activate them just yet.

Once you’ve enabled your pixels, you’re all set up and ready to start running traffic!
Note: If you are already using a ClickBank Postback URL (Instant Notification Service) to track sales, then you should not turn the sales pixel on here.

If you have any trouble getting set up after following these instructions, try watching the video at the top of this article. If you still can’t get things working correctly, contact us at our Helpdesk.

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