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What happened to the Facebook “fbtag” parameters?

Before Facebook fully supported the industry-standard utm parameters, ClickMagick created special fbtag parameters so it could track Facebook sub-ID values properly. Now that Facebook fully supports utm parameters, all users should update their Facebook links to use utm parameters.

For now, ClickMagick will still accept fbtag parameters for backwards compatibility, but we strongly urge you to update your links because we will be removing this support in the future.

The change is pretty pretty simple—just replace fbtag1 through fbtag5 with one of the 5 standard utm names. For instance, if your original query string in Facebook were


You could change that to


You can use any utm parameter with any fbtag—you don’t need to use utm_source in place of fbtag1 as shown in the example. You could just as easily have converted the original query string to:


For more details on how to use Facebook’s utm parameters with ClickMagick, read this article:

Can I use Facebook’s URL Parameters as Sub-IDs?

Article 418 Last updated: 07/22/2020 6:01:22 AM