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How do I import or add revenue to a tracking link?

If you’re using Sub-IDs to track conversions, either as an affiliate or when selling your own products and services, you can import conversion reports into ClickMagick and each individual conversion will be automatically applied to the tracking links that generated it.

The conversion report that you upload must be a CSV file containing 3 fields in the following order – the unique Click ID you passed to your link using ClickMagick’s [clickid] token, the conversion amount or payout, and finally the timestamp of the conversion.

Here’s an example of what that would look like in a spreadsheet …

If you want you can also include an optional 4th field for the “ref” value of the conversion.

Your CSV file can also have an optional header row, and all popular timestamp formats are accepted.

All of this data should be available in the reports you can download from your affiliate network or other platforms – most likely you’ll just need to delete or move some columns around to look like the example above.

As long as you’re uploading a CSV file with these fields it should be accepted, but if not, please open a support ticket and attach your CSV file and we’ll tweak the system to work with your file format if necessary.

Article 419 Last updated: 06/06/2021 11:47:24 AM