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What does it mean if my link shows a blank white page?

There are some sites that don’t allow their pages to be “framed” or masked. You’ll know when you come across such a site because when you try to frame or mask it, your browser will usually display an empty page, a blank white page, or sometimes an error page.

Framing and masking pages was “cool” at one time, but these days the majority of the Internet community considers framing and masking “scammy” at best. In fact, major ad networks and other platforms will instantly ban you if you’re caught doing domain masking.

Many sites just display a blank white page if they detect that their page is being framed or masked.

ClickMagick doesn’t do any framing or masking, so if you’re seeing a blank white page, you’re probably using another service that masks your domain, or you’re using some sort of “frame forwarding” feature that your domain registrar provides.

Just find where you’re framing or masking your domain and turn that feature off and you’ll start seeing your page instead of a blank white one.

Article 42 Last updated: 07/20/2020 6:30:44 PM