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Why am I getting a “400 Bad Request” error?

If you’re getting this error, it’s probably because you’re trying to test a tracking or rotator link in the address bar of your browser while using a Sub-ID token that includes the “%” character.

For example, if your affiliate network uses a token like %%PRODUCT-ID%% and you try to test your tracking link from the address bar of your browser by entering something like this…

...that will generate a “400 Bad Request” error because the “%” character is illegal.

That tracking link would be a perfectly acceptable you used it from inside your affiliate network because the network will replace the %%PRODUCT-ID%% token with valid data before ever using the link with ClickMagick.

But, if you use that link directly in your browser’s address bar, that illegal token never gets replaced with a valid Sub-ID value and you’ll get the “400 Bad Request” error.

For more information about this, check out this article:
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Article 420 Last updated: 04/25/2020 7:21:28 PM