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How can I flag or block a specific IP address?

You can manually add IP addresses, or even entire IP address ranges, using the IP Manager, which you can find in the Tools menu under the “IP Tools” item.

These are considered “User” entered IPs, and you can either flag them and separate their statistics or block the clicks altogether. You can set your flag or block settings globally in your Account Settings under the “Click Auditing” tab, or you can set them on a per-link or per-rotator basis in the Advanced Settings for any link or rotator.

If you block an IP address or range, requests from these IPs are truly blocked and will see an error page.

On the other hand, flagged clicks which have their statistics separated are redirected as normal, but they’re logged as “Flagged Clicks” in the FC column rather than being added to the Total Clicks (TC) and Unique Clicks (UC) columns.

By separating the flagged click statistics from the TC and UC columns, your conversion rates and other statistics are significantly more accurate.

Note: Be aware that even if you block a specific IP address, ClickMagick can’t block critical bots from major companies like AWeber, Google, FaceBook, Microsoft, etc. or their link verification tests will fail and cause you massive problems. When ClickMagick sees these special bots, they are flagged instead of being completely blocked.

Article 44 Last updated: 09/03/2020 5:22:14 PM