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Why am I getting a “Final URL mismatch” error?

Microsoft Ads and Google Ads will disapprove any ad where the Final URL of the ad does not exactly match the final URL that the tracking link takes you to.

To check this, take your tracking link and enter it into a browser. The URL that shows up in the address bar is the URL that must be in the Final URL of the ad. If not, you will get a “Final URL mismatch” error and your ad won’t be accepted or approved until you correct the error.

For Google Ads, the URLs must match EXACTLY, even in capitalization.
Note: When Google ads and Bing say they want exactly the same URL, they mean it. For example, suppose your Primary URL is set to this:

After going through the tracking link, you see that the final URL in the address bar shows this:

You might think those are the same, but those are NOT the same because they don’t match EXACTLY. Even the difference in capitalization is important to Google Ads.

In this example, the Final URL in your ad must be or the ad will be disapproved. The final URL of the tracking link must EXACTLY match the Final URL of the ad.

We see this confusion constantly .

Article 440 Last updated: 11/01/2020 5:12:17 PM