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How do I track my Ad Spend when using Campaigns?

There are three different ways to get your ad cost data into Campaigns …

Auto Cost Update

On the Standard and Pro plans you can integrate ClickMagick with your ad accounts so we can pull in your exact ad cost data automatically. To learn more, please see the article below:

How do I set up Auto Cost Update?

Pass In A CPC With Each Click

If your traffic source has the ability to pass your cost-per-click to your landing page link, or you know your cost-per-click – for example when buying solo ads – you can simply add an optional cost parameter to your UTM-powered URL and the cost for each click will be recorded automatically.

You can do this via the URL Builder, or you can manually add the cmc_cpc parameter to any of your URLs at any time.

Manually Enter Your Ad Costs

The final option, as a last resort, is to manually enter your ad costs as necessary by selecting the Update Ad Spend option in the Edit menu.


From there you can quickly and easily update the average cost-per-click for the currently selected combination of filters on your main dashboard. When you update the ad spend your stats will instantly be recalculated.

For most users we recommend doing this about once a week as part of a weekly “deep dive” into your stats.

You can also use this function to provide ClickMagick with estimated cost data for Facebook Ads and Google Ads on an intraday basis, since the ad cost data from your ad networks can be delayed by up to 3 hours ...

When the real data comes in from your ad network it will simply overwrite the estimated costs you entered.

Tip: The “best practice” is to only update your ad spend for entire full days, to ensure you don’t end up with days with only partial ad spend data. In short, we strongly recommend you never update your ad spend for “Today.” Rather, only update your ad spend for days or date ranges in the past so you’ll always have complete and accurate cost data.
Note: Please note that if you manually Update Ad Spend, this will only apply to the clicks that do not already have ad network cost associated with them. Or to put it another way, if you’ve enabled the Facebook Ads or Google Ads integration and a click already has a cost associated with it, your manual update will never overwrite this “actual” cost data.

Article 459 Last updated: 08/11/2022 8:35:01 AM