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How do I attribute a sale to a Campaign and a Tracking Link?

Consider the following scenario …

You’re primarily using Campaigns to track your ads, but let’s say you’re an affiliate marketer and on the last page of your funnel you have five affiliate links to different products or offers you’re promoting.

In addition to the stats Campaign provides, you also want to know how many people click on each individual affiliate link, and not only that, but you also want to know how much revenue is generated for each link.

This is a great example of when you’d want to combine tracking links with Campaigns, and in this case all you need to do is is use a few tracking links rather than using your affiliate links directly.

So how do you attribute your sales to both a Campaign and a tracking link?

It depends on how you’re tracking your affiliate sales …

If your affiliate network supports tracking pixels, you’ll simply want to add both your tracking link conversion tracking pixel and the Campaigns conversion code to your affiliate network and it’s as simple as that.

If you’re using Postback URLs to track your sales, here’s what you do …

Step 1 – Add a Click ID to the Primary URL of Your Tracking Link

With tracking links, you need to generate a Click ID so that you can track sales with a Postback URL.

Depending on your affiliate network, you will need to use a different parameter at the end of your affiliate link to store the Click ID in. For more information on how to add a Click ID to your tracking links, read this article:

How do I track sales with my affiliate network?

So for example, if you are promoting a ClickBank product and your affiliate link is:

Then your new appended link would look like:[clickid]

This appended link is what you would enter into the Primary URL section of your tracking link and it would allow you see sales recorded for your tracking link.

Step 2 – Pass the Campaigns Token to Your Tracking Link

Now that you can see the sales show up for your tracking link, you need to be able to see the sales inside of your Campaigns.

To do that, you need to pass the [cmc_vid] token to your tracking link. 

So if the tracking link that you created looks like this:

Then you would simply add the [cmc_vid] token to the end of it, so the appended link would look like:[cmc_vid]

This appended link is the exact link you would use on the last page of your funnel when taking people to the affiliate offer.

That’s it!

Now, whenever someone clicks on this tracking link and ultimately makes a purchase, your affiliate network will send a postback as normal to your Postback URL, and ClickMagick will attribute the sale to both your Campaign and your tracking link.

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