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Can I use Cloudflare with Wealthy Affiliate domains?

This is really a question for the Cloudflare or Wealthy Affiliate support desk, but the last time we checked, Wealthy Affiliate does not allow you to change the nameservers of domains that you host with them. That means you can’t use Cloudflare with their domains.

The main reason most ClickMagick users use Cloudflare with their domains is to make their custom domains secure.

If Wealthy Affiliate will do that for you, then you’re good to go. If they won’t—or can’t—you should probably get a domain from another registrar that you use for tracking purposes and use Cloudflare to secure the domain.

By the way, if you ask Wealthy Affiliate about changing the nameservers of your domain to Cloudflare, they have been known to bad-mouth Cloudflare. Just realize that that’s a bunch of nonsense to scare you from transferring your domain away from Wealthy Affiliate and losing your business.

Cloudflare handles more than 10% of all website requests on the entire Internet. It is one of the most-trusted names on the Internet, with over 26 million Internet properties, including companies like IBM, Zendesk, Digital Ocean, and other major players. Don’t let Wealthy Affiliate mislead you about Cloudflare.

ClickMagick has no affiliation with Cloudflare other than hearing our users report outstanding results with their service to create secure custom domains. And that service is provided for free.

Article 486 Last updated: 03/08/2020 9:23:15 PM