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What does the `&ignore=1” mean on my tracking pixel?

You will see an “&ignore=1” appended to your tracking pixel when you select “Yes” to the question “Adding this to a tracking link” when building out your tracking pixel via the Pixel Builder:


You will also see the “&ignore=1” appended to your pixel if you add the tracking pixel directly to your tracking link or rotator using the “Pixels” tab:


Either way, your tracking pixel will look something like this:

<img src="//[USERID]&att=2&ignore=1" height="1" width="1" />

To help you understand what this does, first make sure that you read through the following article to understand the different conversion attribution options:

What are the conversion attribution options?

So the “&ignore=1” added to your tracking link is telling the pixel to ignore attributing the conversion to the last link that was clicked on, and instead attribute it to the link before the last.

As you can imagine, this is incredibly useful when setting up pixels with pages that you have no control over, so that the conversions get attributed to the correct tracking link, and not the one with the pixel added to it.

Without this setting, you will see clicks AND conversions attributed to the same link when clicked on, which just causes unnecessary duplicate stats.
Note: The “&ignore=1” feature will only work if you have the “Last Click” attribution enabled. If you enabled the “First Click” attribution setting, this ignore feature will NOT work.

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