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How do I create and use Projects in Campaigns?

A Project is simply a way to consolidate all of the traffic and conversion data for a single sales funnel or website.

If you just have a single funnel or website you want to track you’ll probably only need a single Project.

On the other hand, if you have multiple sales funnels or websites you need to track – especially if they are completely unrelated – you’ll generally want to have a separate Project for each of them.

Projects are created automatically as clicks are processed — you don’t need to manually create a project.

By default, the Project name will be the domain name of the website that your visitor lands on e.g.

To get started with Campaigns or to create a new project, here’s all you need to do ...

1 – Add your Website Click Tracking Code to each of the pages you want tracked in Campaigns

You can get your Click Tracking Code by clicking on the Tools Menu and selecting Website Code:

Or you can get your Click Tracking Code below:
    var clickmagick_cmc = {
        uid: '[USERID]',
        hid: '[HID]',
<script src='//'></script>

Note: You only need to add this code once and it will track all of your Projects.

2 – Head to the Campaigns URL Builder and generate a test click

From the Campaigns URL Builder, enter in your landing page URL.

Click on the “Generate Test Click” tab and click the button that says “Generate Test Click”


That’s it! ClickMagick will automatically create a project for that website when the first click comes in.

What if I want to use a custom Project name?

If you want to override the default and specify a custom Project name you can include a cmc_project=projectname query string value in your URLs, which is easy to add using the Campaigns URL Builder.


Another option is to manually add a line to the clickmagick_cmc website code that looks like this, which prevents the need to include cmc_project=projectname in every individual URL:

var clickmagick_cmc = {
    cmc_project: 'myprojectname',

Caution: If you want to use a custom Project name you have to make sure you’re consistent and use it everywhere, otherwise your Project data will be incomplete.

This includes making sure that both your click and conversion tracking codes all have the same cmc_project value, if you’re including the custom name in your codes.
Tip: Unless absolutely necessary, we strongly recommend that you do NOT worry about setting custom Project names. If you don’t have a technical background, it just makes things a lot more complicated with no real benefit.

I want all the technical details. What else should I know?

From a technical standpoint, Project names are not tied to any specific domain, URL or page.

If you don’t specify a Project name it will just default to your domain name ...

But you can supply any custom Project name you want for any click by simply including cmc_project=projectname in your URLs (which you can easily add via the Campaigns URL Builder).

It probably wouldn’t make much sense, but for example, from a technical standpoint you could have a sales funnel with 20 webpages where each webpage was on a different domain, and you could track it all as a single Project by simply including cmc_project=projectname in all of the appropriate URLs.

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