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Can I use ClickMagick to track affiliates promoting my product?

You certainly can, but ClickMagick wasn’t meant to be an affiliate tracking platform so you may find it’s missing some features you want that a dedicated affiliate tracking software may provide e.g. payments to affiliates.

The primary question to ask yourself is this – how many affiliates do you expect to have?

If your intent is to manage a “small” affiliate program where you generally know who each of your affiliates are – you’re focused on quality over quantity – and you don’t need advanced features such as automated affiliate payments, you can absolutely use ClickMagick to track your affiliates.

Generally speaking you’ll want to first set up conversion tracking on your site using ClickMagick’s conversion tracking pixels. Then you can just give each affiliate a unique tracking link that redirects visitors to your site.

Once your affiliates start generating traffic to your site you’ll be able to see all your stats inside of ClickMagick, including how many sales each affiliate has generated. You can also share a “public stats” link with each affiliate so they can monitor their own progress as well.

You’ll need to handle paying your affiliates, and there are no advanced accounting or other such reports, but if all you need is a simple way to track a relatively small number of affiliates this may work just fine for you.

On the other hand, if you want a fully automated “self-serve” affiliate program where 1,000s of affiliates can potentially sign up to promote your product and get paid automatically, you’ll need to either list your product on one of the popular affiliate networks like ClickBank or MaxBounty, or you’ll need to find and integrate some type of affiliate tracking software with your site. We’ve heard good things about Post Affiliate Pro.

Article 515 Last updated: 04/14/2020 5:01:07 PM