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What is Split Testing and why should I care?

The idea behind split testing is pretty simple …

Rather than show a single page — which may or may not do well — you show different visitors different pages and watch the results of each page, looking for the page that produces the best results.

The page that performs the best is the “winner” and you would then use it to compare future pages against. In scientific terms, this page is your “control” page.

Once you have a control page, you would typically make a single adjustment to that page and send a small portion of your traffic to this new test page, while sending most of your traffic to your proven control page.

This method prevents you from sending a lot of potentially expensive traffic to a page with unknown results.

By constantly split testing and improving your important pages – things like your landing pages, opt-in pages and sales pages – you can continually increase your conversions. And generating more revenue from the traffic you’re already getting can make a huge difference to your bottom line!

ClickMagick makes it easy to conduct split tests to increase your conversions, and ClickMagick can even automatically end the split test once a statistically valid winner has been determined, and divert all your traffic to the winner in order to maximize every click once a winner is found.

To get started with Split Testing, please see the article below:

How do I set up a split test with ClickMagick?

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