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Why am I seeing “Tracking call unsuccessful” in Microsoft Ads?

First of all, if you are seeing this error, don’t worry – as long as you followed the instructions we provided on setting up tracking for Microsoft Ads, this won't affect your tracking at all. Also note that this is also an error on the Microsoft Ads side and they said they are working on getting it fixed.

So first, just double check that you set up your tracking correctly as per this article:

How do I track Microsoft Ads?

Now the reason why you are getting the “Tracking call unsuccessful” error is because Microsoft is automatically adding a “&gb=1” query to the end of your tracking link, whether you have an existing query string or not. This causes issues and results in your tracking link not working IF this link was actually used by Microsoft.

However Parallel tracking is not yet fully out, so even though you are seeing this query added to the end of your link, it’s not actually being used.

When Parallel tracking does come out though, you would be able to deselect this option in Microsoft Ads and not have this additional query token added to the end of your link.

For more details about this new feature, check out Microsoft’s article here.

So you can see this seems pretty contradictory and Microsoft is working on resolving it.

However as we mentioned, this shouldn’t affect your tracking at all, as confirmed by Microsoft reps.

If you are still insist on completely getting rid of that message, you can do so by adding UTM parameters to your tracking link instead of the usual method.

So for example if your tracking link is:

Just change the link to this instead if you want to use the {keyword} and {adgroup} tokens:{keyword}&utm_medium={adgroup}

As you can see, you replace the "/" after the tracking link with a "?" and then add the UTM parameters to it. To see the full list of UTM parameters you can use, take a look at this article:

What data or tokens can I pass to the URLs I promote?

If you need to add more tokens to your link, simply add an ampersand to the end of your link, followed by the parameter and then the token in the squiggly brackets. You can add a maximum of five UTM parameters, and If you wanted to add all five of them for example, at the end of your link like this:


We are using Microsoft Ads tokens here – for a complete list of the tokens Microsoft offers, check out this article and just select the ones you want to track:

What are the Microsoft tokens I can use in my URLs?

This should eliminate the error you are receiving completely while also properly tracking all the tokens you need.

As mentioned, this is an issue on Microsoft's end, and they are working to fix this, but they haven't provided an exact date yet.

Article 521 Last updated: 08/24/2021 10:38:14 AM