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How do I track my ClickBank PitchPlus Upsell Flow?

If you are a vendor promoting your product on ClickBank, you would probably want to track every upsell and downsell you offer.

With most tracking software, tracking your specific upsells would be challenging, if not impossible since your customer will land on the same order form confirmation page regardless of whether they actually purchased the upsell or not.

With ClickMagick Campaigns however, this tracking is very simple to implement.

All you need to do on your end is make sure that you have a Sales Amount value and Reference value set in your sales tracking code.

For example if you have three upsell offers each worth $67, you can use “upsell1” as the Reference value and “$67” as the Sales Amount value for your Upsell 1. You would then place this sales code on the Upsell 2 page since that is the page the visitor will land on upon accepting or declining Upsell 1.

With this setup, when a visitor lands on your Upsell 2 page, if they accepted the previous Upsell 1 offer, ClickMagick will record the sales conversion.

If the visitor lands on your Upsell 2 page after they declined the previous Upsell 1 offer, ClickMagick will ignore the sale conversion code on the Upsell 2 page.

If you already set up your Campaigns conversion code before reading this article, just make sure that you refresh your pages to ensure that your browser is seeing the newest version of the cmc.js Campaigns code.

And that’s it!

Article 525 Last updated: 07/21/2021 9:29:27 AM