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What is ClickMagick Campaigns and when should I use it?

ClickMagick Campaigns is a modern tracking solution that utilizes industry-standard UTM parameters added to your own URLs for tracking, and it’s meant for tracking and optimizing paid ads and your entire sales funnel.

For a quick overview, you can watch this video, then finish reading this article:

Introduction to ClickMagick Campaigns

Most users should find that it’s a lot easier to use, as compared to using tracking links which requires you to set up various link groups and then link all of your pages together using individual tracking links. 

There are no redirects or tracking links involved, which makes it a perfect solution when you want to advertise somewhere that prohibits the use of links that redirect (e.g. Instagram), or when you want to advertise on the major ad platforms where improperly set up tracking links can be problematic (e.g. Facebook and Google).

Because there are no redirects and you use only your own URLs, this also means that all ClickMagick tracking “cookies” are set on your own domain. These are considered “first-party” cookies, which are technically better than “third-party” cookies that are more often blocked by privacy-conscious consumers.

If you control your entire funnel then setting up Campaigns tracking shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

If you’re an affiliate marketer you may need to spend a few extra minutes setting up Postback URL tracking for your sales if you can’t add “tracking code” to your offers, but it’s relatively quick and easy to do.

Campaigns is NOT meant to be used in conjunction with affiliate “direct linking,” since that type of a set up simply won’t take advantage of the benefits Campaigns provides ...

But for just about anything else, we’re confident that once you start using Campaigns you’ll agree it’s the best way to track your ads and your sales funnel and get all the key performance metrics you need to optimize your business, without any of the “fluff” that just gets in the way.

To get started, continue with the article below and select the “Campaigns” tab ...
How do I get started with ClickMagick?

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