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How is ClickMagick different from Google Analytics?

Google Analytics does a good job of showing you how people use your site — they have lots of reports on things like most popular content, time on site, demographics, and that type of thing.

But for real direct response marketing, Google Analytics has serious problems and limitations.

If you're interested in the type of data mentioned above, by all means go ahead and use Google Analytics. But you'll definitely want to use another tracking system like ClickMagick as well.

Here's just a handful of reasons why …

Difference #1:

Most people find Google Analytics to be pretty user-UNfriendly and a real pain to use — often having to dig through many, many levels of menus and set up complicated filters to get to the data you want to see.

They definitely offer a lot of data, but their interface is pretty intimidating to use.

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, you can quickly create one and see for yourself – there are hundreds of options and buttons you can click on to get all sorts of data, some of which you may not even need to use right now.

With ClickMagick, all the info you need to optimize your business is just a click or two away.

Difference #2:

Google Analytics makes it very difficult if not impossible to track and optimize ALL of your various advertising.

And if you are an affiliate promoting offers by taking people directly to the vendor’s sales page, there is just no way to track that with Google Analytics since you can’t add the Google Analytics code to that page.

With ClickMagick you can track all your promotions all in one place, saving lots of time and hassle.

Difference #3:

Many Google advertisers find they're charged for clicks they didn't actually receive. ClickMagick can help you identify these click discrepancies and get refunds from Google.

We also have an awesome Click Shield feature that will allow you to not only identify bad clicks, but also prevent wasted ad spend by adding your competitors or repeat clicks from existing customers to a block list which you can then import into your traffic network.

To learn more about Click Shield, read this article:

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Difference #4:

With Google Analytics, most of your stats are delayed by up to 24 hours. Even worse, if you get a lot of clicks, Google "samples" your data when you run reports which means you're not getting truly accurate reports.

With ClickMagick, all of your stats and reports are real-time and 100% accurate.

Difference #5:

ClickMagick provides dozens of profit-boosting features you just can't get from Google Analytics. Things like:

Difference #6:

Google Analytics doesn't provide much support when you run into problems or need help.

To be honest, you'll be lucky to get anything other than a generic template reply a day or two later. On the other hand, here at ClickMagick we're known for our fanatical live chat and customer support.

We even offer a free 1-on-1 onboarding call when you first sign up to the Standard or Pro plan to help you get started.


While lots and lots of sites do use Google Analytics, no serious website or web business uses only Google Analytics because it has serious problems and limitations.

Use it if you want to learn more about how people are using your site, but when it comes to tracking your paid ads and just about everything else, you'll definitely want to use a tracking system created by and for direct response marketers, like ClickMagick.

Ready to get started right now?

Select a plan and then get started by reading this article:

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