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Does ClickMagick support Domain Cloaking?

Domain cloaking was introduced early on in ClickMagick’s life, because it was required for MagickBars and MagickPops. But these no longer exist and the majority of the Internet community considers cloaking “scammy” at best. In fact, major ad networks and other platforms will instantly ban you if you’re caught doing domain cloaking.

For these, and other reasons, we removed the ability to cloak from ClickMagick.

The bottom line is that showing a URL in the browser’s address bar that doesn’t accurately reflect the content that the end-user sees on their screen is simply not acceptable in 2020, and it is very much frowned upon by almost the entire Internet community.

Also, please note that this has absolutely nothing to do with “referrer hiding,” “referrer blanking” or “referrer cloaking” which ClickMagick will continue to support since there are legitimate uses for this and it’s not a serious violation of generally accepted “netiquette.”

Article 564 Last updated: 06/28/2021 7:48:22 AM