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Why would I want to “lock” a pixel to a Tracking Link Group?

“Locking” a ClickMagick Tracking Pixel to a specific Link Group is a way to reduce and even eliminate the unwanted attribution of conversions to links you don’t want them attributed to.

This is an advanced feature, and it’s usually only helpful if you use tons of Tracking Links.

You should generally only use this feature if you’re seeing conversions being attributed in a non-ideal fashion due to the combination of your particular set up and your use of a large number of tracking links, or if you talk to our support team and we recommend you use it.

You can enable this functionality under the advanced settings of the Pixel Builder, and the way it works is simple …

When enabled, that particular pixel will only attribute conversions to the links in the Link Group you selected when building the pixel in the Pixel Builder.

Article 565 Last updated: 05/13/2021 1:58:20 PM