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What if my affiliate network isn’t listed?

The Affiliate Click ID Parameter and Postback URL List tools are a community effort, so if a network you're working with isn’t listed that just means no one has asked about or submitted information for that network yet.

In order for us to add a new affiliate network to these tools, we'll need some basic information that can only be provided by your affiliate network ...

Just copy and paste the following question to your affiliate manager or their support team:
"Can you please send me your documentation or provide details on how to pass a unique Click ID to my affiliate link, as well as the tokens that are available in your system to pass this Click ID, commission amount, and other data back to my Postback URL?"

Once they provide you with this information just submit a ticket and pass it along to us, and then we'll add your network to these tools right away. Thanks!

Article 570 Last updated: 08/31/2021 8:59:49 AM