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Why should I NEVER search Google or YouTube for help?

You should never search Google or YouTube for help with anything related to ClickMagick for the simple fact that at least half of what you’ll find is outdated or inaccurate.

In fact, we estimate that about 25% of the support tickets we receive are due to confusion caused by these outdated articles, blog posts and videos.

We are in the process of establishing a ClickMagick YouTube channel where you’ll soon be able to easily search all of our videos, but in the meantime everything you need can be found right here in the Knowledge Base.

Just type your question in to the search box at the top of the page, and the first one or two results will always have the information you need. All of our articles and tutorials contain lots of screenshots and videos where appropriate, and we’re adding more and more every single day.

Don’t risk getting bad information from other sources that ends up wasting your time and stressing you out …

Whenever you need help with ClickMagick, just search our Knowledge Base or reach out to our support team.

Article 590 Last updated: 09/08/2020 9:19:58 AM