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How do I set up a redirect page with ClickFunnels?

If you’re unfamiliar with what a redirect page is and why you would want to use one, you should read this article first:

How can I set up a redirect page to record a conversion?

To set up a redirect page with ClickFunnels, search the page templates for “blank page” which will let you select a completely blank page. Choose that template and then make these changes:
1.    Add the meta-refresh tag to the head section of that page. To do that, enter the editor and click on the Settings menu, then choose Tracking Code. Next, click on the “Header Code” tab and enter this meta-refresh line, with the appropriate changes:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1; url=">

That meta refresh line will wait 1 second then redirect to
2.    Next, click on the “Footer Code” section and add any tracking pixels or tracking code that you want to use. You can put Facebook pixels here, retargeting pixels, audience creation code—pretty much any type of tracking code you want.

You may need to increase the wait time from one second to two or three seconds if you find that one second isn’t enough time to execute all the tracking code you enter. Just change the 1; part to 2; or 3; in the meta refresh line.

Save your changes, and now you have a fully functional redirect page.

Article 606 Last updated: 12/01/2020 3:46:07 PM