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How can I view the history for a particular visitor?

There are several ways that you can view a detailed history for any visitor.

First, if you’re looking at a tracking link or rotator click log or conversion log, you can click on the IP Address and that will pull up a history for that IP address.

If you’re viewing a Campaigns log, you can click on the Visitor ID value in any row to view the complete history for that visitor.

And finally, you can view the history of any visitor a number of ways by going to the Visitor Profile tool in the Tools menu in the Campaigns Dashboard:


With the Visitor Profile tool, you can search by Click ID, IP Address, or by Campaign Visitor ID.

Viewing visitor history will show you all of their activity—clicks, actions, sales, etc.—in chronological order.

Article 65 Last updated: 06/22/2022 10:51:08 AM