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What happens if I archive a Tracking Link?

When you archive a tracking link or rotator URL, ClickMagick simply moves the link to a special link group called “Archive” so they are kept out of sight, but are always available for future reference. Generally speaking, you’ll want to archive tracking links and rotator URLs when you’re no longer needing them.

If, on the other hand, you delete a tracking link or rotator URL, the data is gone for good …

Just select whether you are using tracking links or rotators below to see how to view your archived projects and how to unarchive them.

To view your archived tracking links, simply select the Archived Links group from the Group menu near the top of every tracking link page.


If you want to “unarchive” a tracking link, simply click on the link to edit its settings, and change the Link Group to something else.

Make sure to also click the icon and click on Unarchive Link.

To view archived rotator URLs, simply select Archived URLs from the Show menu when you’re viewing the URLs for a rotator.


You can unarchive a rotator URL by changing its Status back to Active or Paused.


Note: Technically speaking, archiving a rotator URL is the same as pausing it. Once a rotator URL is archived it can no longer receive any traffic.

Article 650 Last updated: 11/28/2021 12:21:29 PM