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How does Campaigns help combat bots and click fraud?

With Campaigns, things are much different – and simpler – as compared to Tracking Links and Rotators where ClickMagick is actually processing all of your clicks and then redirecting visitors to your own URLs.

If you’re using Campaigns that means ClickMagick isn’t involved in routing your clicks and clicks are going straight to your own web pages as usual ...

So with Campaigns there are two big goals – ignoring “bots” that end up on your site, and preventing bots, competitors and “click happy” users from being able to click your ads in the first place.

The first goal is achieved automatically when you add the Campaigns tracking code to your web pages. Our tracking code is designed in a way that 99.9% of bots simply can’t generate “clicks”, so there isn’t much to worry about here.

That leaves a tiny number of very advanced bots, competitors and “click happy” users to deal with – and that’s exactly what Click Shield does. To learn more about Click Shield, please see the article below …

How can I prevent wasted ad spend when using Campaigns?

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