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How do I add tracking pixels or JavaScript code to Instabuilder?

In this article, we’re going to show you where to install tracking pixels and tracking code in Instabuilder. But, before you read further, if you don’t already have a good understanding of where to install tracking pixels on an HTML page, the rest of this document will make more sense if you review this article first:
What are tracking pixels and tracking code?

To add pixels or tracking code to an InstaBuilder page, enter the page editor and follow these steps:
1.    Click on the Settings button in the upper-right corner of the page to open the Settings menu.
2.    Choose “Scripts/Codes” from the menu.
3.    The “Scripts/Codes” panel gives you the option to paste your pixels and code in one of three places, the Head section, the start of the Body section, right after the <body> tag, and in the Footer section, right before the closing </body> tag.

You should paste HTML tracking pixels in the Body section. If you’re using JavaScript tracking pixels, they should go in the Head section. You can paste your Sub-ID JavaScript code in any section.

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