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How do I track my entire sales funnel?

ClickMagick has two different ways to track your sales funnel — using our state-of-the-art Campaigns system, or using Tracking Links when using Campaigns won’t fit your needs.

ClickMagick Campaigns is a modern tracking solution that utilizes industry-standard UTM parameters added to your own URLs for tracking, and it’s meant for tracking and optimizing paid ads and your entire sales funnel. You can learn how to use Campaigns here:

How do I get started with ClickMagick?

Using tracking links to track your sales funnel is necessary if you’re doing “direct linking” to an affiliate site, but aside from that, you’ll generally want to use Campaigns.

If you do need to use Tracking Links you can learn more about using tracking links to track a funnel by reading this article:
How do I use the Funnel Set Up Tool?

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