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What new features are coming soon?

We’re constantly working to improve ClickMagick, literally every single day.

We generally push out a handful of little features and tweaks based on user feedback and suggestions each week. We usually won’t mention these, and you’ll simply discover them as you use ClickMagick.

Then every month or so we’ll add at least one “big” new feature that we’ll let you know about via an in-app alert.

In case you’re wondering, here are some of the bigger things we’re currently working on that will be released in the coming weeks or months …

Microsoft Ads Integration – This will allow automated Audience Optimization for Microsoft Ads, just like Facebook and Google.

Tik Tok Integration – This will allow automated Audience Optimization for Tik Tok, just like with Facebook and Google.

Mobile App – While you can use the entire ClickMagick app pretty decently on a mobile phone, it’s obviously not ideal. v1 of our mobile app is just about ready, and it’ll allow you to quickly and easily check your stats on the go.

Shopping Cart/Payment Processor Integrations – This will allow you to integrate ClickMagick with your shopping cart or payment processor, which will allow ClickMagick to automatically pull in your exact sales data for the ultimate in accuracy. This will also allow you to better track subscriptions and other recurring revenue.

Article 694 Last updated: 05/25/2022 12:19:19 PM