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What are the two new things I have to do in Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads has made some recent changes in response to the new privacy policies enforced by iOS 14. And these changes now require you to do at least two things you haven’t had to do before ...

1. The first thing is that you should verify your domain in Facebook Ads.

According to Facebook, domain verification establishes which Business Manager account has the authority to configure and prioritize the available conversion events for a given domain.

Based on the information currently available from Facebook this should only be required if you have multiple Facebook pixels on your pages that are owned by different Business Manager accounts, but we're already seeing evidence to the contrary so we strongly recommend that you just go ahead and verify your domain.

Even if you aren’t required to do it now this should go a long way towards preventing any future problems.

To verify your domain just follow the link or prompt you'll probably already see in your Facebook Ads account. Otherwise you can follow these Facebook instructions:

Facebook Ads - Verifying your Domain

2. Next you must configure and prioritize up to 8 events per domain that can be used for optimization purposes

The recent Facebook changes only allow you to track up to 8 events per domain.

And in the case where a user generates multiple events Facebook is generally only going to track one of them, so you also have to prioritize your events to tell Facebook which ones you consider most important.

ClickMagick Audience Optimization uses Facebook's standard "Contact", "Lead" and "Purchase" events, so depending on what you want to optimize for at least one of these event types will be used.

That leaves up to 7 additional events you can use for any other purpose unrelated to ClickMagick – although for most advertisers anything else is just unnecessary and will only further complicate things for no reason.

To set this up you should be able to just follow the link or prompt you'll probably see in your account about verifying your domain and setting up and prioritizing your 8 events.

If you don't see anything like that simply navigate to one of your pixels and look for the new "Aggregated Event Measurement" option on the "Overview" tab. Click that, then click "Configure Web Events", and you'll end up on the page where you verify your domain and assign events to it.

You'll want to click "Manage Events" for your domain, then "Add Event", select your new ClickMagick Facebook Pixel, and then for the Event Name select either Contact, Lead or Purchase depending on which type of conversions you're sending to your new Facebook pixel. If you're sending more than one type, repeat this process as necessary.

Now that you've verified your domain and set up your events in Facebook Events Manager you'll be able to use your new pixel for optimization purposes and see increased ad performance.

Article 697 Last updated: 03/17/2021 3:38:03 PM