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Can I track my Facebook Ads with Tracking Links?

ClickMagick users have been using Tracking Links in their Facebook Ads for years ...

But Facebook’s new Domain Verification policies now makes using any type of tracking link problematic, so we no longer recommend using Tracking Links with Facebook Ads.

The problem is that Facebook Ads may require you to verify the domain of your tracking link, and you do not have the ability to verify our tracking domain, in which case you’d be stuck.

You could try using a custom tracking domain for your tracking links, and if you have the technical ability to verify that domain with Facebook it might work fine for now …

But there’s no guarantee, and even if it did work it could stop working at any time, so we just don’t recommend it.

ClickMagick Campaigns was built from the ground up for tracking Facebook Ads, and all of your other paid ads, and we strongly recommend using it instead of Tracking Links.

When it comes to Facebook Ads, ClickMagick Campaigns is simply better than using Tracking Links in every way.

Article 699 Last updated: 03/19/2021 6:03:27 AM