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Can I send traffic directly to a rotator URL?

Absolutely—as long as you’re using a Spillover rotator.

Just find the URL in your rotator, click the name of the URL, and then scroll down a bit and you’ll see the “Direct Link” URL to use if you want to send to that URL directly.

By default, all clicks, including any repeat clicks from the same visitor, will all be sent to the direct URL …

… but you can override this by adding the letter “S” to the end of the direct link URL after the numbers, causing any repeat clicks to spillover to the next eligible URL instead.

Note: If a click can’t be delivered to this URL based on one or more of your settings—for example, Max Clicks has been reached—then the click will simply be delivered to the next eligible URL or the Backup URL as usual.

Article 71 Last updated: 07/26/2021 8:13:25 AM