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What support options does ClickMagick offer?

ClickMagick offers two levels of support.

You can change your Plan on your Billing page at any time to take advantage of the support you need ...

Starter Plan – Basic Online Support

We have the most amazing Knowledge Base you’ve ever seen, with literally hundreds of articles and tutorials covering everything there is to know about tracking and optimizing your marketing with ClickMagick.

And if necessary we’ll help you find the information you need and answer any basic questions about anything covered in the Knowledge Base.

But Basic Online Support does NOT cover things that require us to look at, debug or investigate anything other than what’s in your ClickMagick account.

If you need personalized one-on-one help when it comes to implementation or debugging — or want Live Chat, Phone Support and faster response times — you’ll want to go with either the Standard or Pro plans instead.

Standard & Pro Plans – Fanatical Support

It all starts with your Kickoff Call — if you want one — where we’ll give you a quick tour of ClickMagick and help you get off to a quick start.

Then if you ever get stuck you can get help fast with our Live Chat Support (available 18 hours per day Monday through Friday) ...

... Or submit a ticket and we’ll always get back to you within a handful of hours.

And if you ever get really stuck we’ll even jump on a zoom call with you, do a screenshare, and walk you through your solution.

In short, this will almost certainly be the best support you’ve ever received, from any company you’ve ever done business with.

Our support team consists of real marketers with a combined 35+ years of experience, and most users are blown away by the support we provide.

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