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How are affiliate refunds processed by ClickMagick?

In addition to your sales, your Postback URLs will also receive data about any refunds or chargebacks you get.

Prior to February 11, 2022 ClickMagick would simply remove the corresponding sale as if it never happened. This was adequate for most users’ tracking needs, but did present some problems for some users.

As of February 11, 2022 ClickMagick Campaigns will now track your affiliate refunds and chargebacks, and also show your refund rate, rather than just removing the original sale.

System-wide processing of refunds is a work in progress, and until refund tracking is rolled out to all users for all types of sales, you will only see this new refund data on your Campaigns UTM Performance Report.

All other pages and screens will continue to work as before, with all related stats calculated using the old behavior prior to this change.

Article 718 Last updated: 05/24/2022 9:02:49 AM