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How do I reset the stats of a tracking link or rotator?

Generally speaking you shouldn’t really get in the habit of using the reset function unless you really know what you’re doing, because it can lead to some stats “discrepancies” if you’re not careful.

If you just want to clear your test data, then you can do so following the steps in the article below:

How Do I Delete My Test Clicks And Data

If you reset your link or rotator, it’s recommended that you read through this article fully first.

To reset the stats for a tracking link or rotator, simply click the icon on the far right of the link or rotator you want to reset, then select “Reset Stats.”


To reset the stats for an individual rotator URL, simply navigate to the URL you want to reset, click the on the far right, and select “Reset URL.”


The main thing to understand is that when you reset something, the system is simply resetting the stats for that link – but it still remembers who has visited that link when it comes to determining if a click is unique or not.

An example should help here …

Say you buy a lot of solo ads, and you sometimes buy clicks from the same vendor over and over.

Imagine a vendor sends you 500 clicks, then you reset the link stats so you can track the next buy separately, and then they send you another 500 clicks …

What’s going to happen is that most likely you’re going to get some repeat clicks from the first batch of 500, and the system is going to recognize these as repeat clicks.

If there are say 20 repeat clicks, the seller is going to claim they sent you 500 additional clicks but ClickMagick is going to report only 480 new and unique clicks.

This “discrepancy” can lead to a lot of confusion …

… and since the original batch of clicks are deleted when you reset the link you won’t be able to easily see which users/IPs are repeat clicks, or have a way to easily prove to the seller that you received 20 repeat clicks.

So here’s the bottom line …

If you just set up a new link and did some testing, by all means go ahead and reset to get rid of your test clicks.

If your incoming traffic is such that you don’t get many repeat clicks, or you’re not paying per click and don’t care, go ahead and use the reset function if you want.

But if you’re doing anything where knowing the exact number of unique clicks to a link is important – such as when you buy solo ad clicks for example – we really recommend you DON’T reset your links.

Instead, in the example above, you’ll want to use Sub-IDs to track your individual traffic buys without resetting the link OR you’ll want to use the clone function to quickly clone the tracking link for each new traffic buy.

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