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How to track Zaxaa affiliate sales in ClickMagick?

To begin tracking Zaxaa affiliate sales, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Switch To Affiliate Mode and Click The “Approved Products” tab:


Step 2 - Click “Conversion Scripts” for the products you want to promote:


Step 3 - Turn On “Conversion Scripts” by selecting Yes.

To the right where it says “Use Global Settings” click on the green question mark icon to view a prompt, and you'll click “here” at the end of the prompt:


Step 4 - Add Your Postback URL

For “Type” select Postback URL Tracking and add your Postback URL below:[USERID]&s1=[sub_id]&amt=[price]&ref=


Step 5 – Add a Click ID To Your Affiliate Link

When creating your Tracking Link, insert your Zaxaa affiliate link into the Primary URL, then click on the icon and choose the option to add the Click ID, then select Zaxaa in the modal that opens. That will automatically add the correct [clickid] token to the end of your affiliate link:


That’s it! When you make sales in Zaxaa, they will automatically be tracked in ClickMagick.

Article 721 Last updated: 12/27/2021 3:07:37 PM