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Can I track opt-ins when promoting affiliate offers?

To track opt-ins you’d normally just add the ClickMagick Action tracking pixel to the “Thank You” page that people are redirected to after they opt-in to your list. If your affiliate network lets you put tracking pixels on their offer pages, then you’re set—just add the tracking pixel.

But it’s far more common to find that you can’t put a tracking pixel on an affiliate offer page …

So what do you do?

Well, there are two solutions …
1.    You can insert a page between the opt-in page and the affiliate offer page and put your tracking pixel on this extra page. These types of pages are typically called “intermediate” or “interstitial” redirect pages and you’ll notice them all the time once you’re aware of what they are.
2.    The second approach is to take advantage of ClickMagick’s ability to add any tracking code you want to any link by simply adding them on the Pixels tab of the link settings. With this approach you can set up a pixel that will fire magickally in the background as your visitor is transferred seamlessly from your opt-in page to your affiliate offer.

The Pixels setting is a really cool ClickMagick feature and is the method you’ll most likely want to use.

You can find detailed set up instructions for both approaches in this article:
How can I set up a redirect page to fire a pixel?

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