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What changes are happening in regards to affiliate payments?

Historically we’ve made affiliate payments strictly via PayPal Mass Pay.

But we’ve outgrown this PayPal-only approach, and as of November 25th, 2021 we are beginning the transition to Tipalti – a global payments leader that’s used by the likes of Google, Amazon, Twitch, Twitter, and many of the largest affiliate programs on the Internet.

Here’s everything you need to know …

1. The “straw that broke the camel’s back” was a recent failed funds transfer into our PayPal account, and then our inability to quickly add additional funds to our PayPal account in any way. This has resulted in our inability to make our normal daily affiliate payouts for a handful of days.

We goofed up - as our daily affiliate payouts continued to rise we didn’t have proper systems in place to ensure our PayPal account had appropriate funds at all times.

But the only way to add funds to a PayPal account is a bank transfer that takes 3-5 business days, and we want to make sure this can’t ever happen again – so we need to do better.

2. Once you’re migrated to the new payments system you’ll have even more control over your ClickMagick affiliate commissions. You’ll be able to withdraw your earned commissions at any time, in almost any way you want – including wire transfer, bank ACH, eCheck and yes even PayPal – and in any of over 120 currencies. Sweet!

3. Affiliate commissions have not yet been paid for November 23rd, 2021, and they will not be immediately paid as usual for November 25, 2021 through December 1st, 2021.

On or about December 2nd, 2021 you will resume receiving PayPal payments as usual – including any payments owed for the dates just mentioned – until your account has been migrated to the new payments system.

4. We expect this process to take 2-4 weeks, and we’ll post more updates along the way.

We apologize for the few days of delayed payments, and we’re super excited about this huge upgrade to our affiliate program and the benefits it offers to all of our awesome affiliates.

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