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How can I track clicks to other sites using Campaigns?

With Campaigns you can actually track clicks to other sites aside from your own …

For example, maybe you want to link directly to an affiliate offer in an email or from a YouTube video?

To track the performance of these types of links to URLs other than your own, just follow these simple steps:

1. On the first tab of the Campaigns URL Builder, enter the URL of any page that contains your Campaigns tracking code, as well as appropriate UTM parameters.

2. On the second tab of the URL Builder, enter the final URL you actually want to redirect the visitor to as the value for the cmc_redir parameter.

3. Add any other optional cmc parameters that you might want to use, such as cmc_vid.

4. Promote the generated URL, and that’s it!

When visitors click this special link their click will be tracked, they will be assigned a Campaigns Visitor ID if necessary, and then they’ll be redirected to the URL you provided in the value of the cmc_redir parameter.

This all happens within milliseconds. When set up correctly the visitor won’t see your landing page at all – just the final URL they’re redirected to!

Caution: If you don’t have the Campaigns tracking code in the <head> of your landing page, your landing page may start to load before the visitor is redirected.

If you’re going to use this feature you’ll want to make certain that you’ve added your Campaigns code to the <head> of your page for a “clean” redirect.

Article 775 Last updated: 05/22/2022 4:09:44 PM