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What should I do about users who don’t want to be tracked?

Internet users value their online privacy on a pretty broad spectrum, with most people falling somewhere inbetween. But it’s true that a small percentage of people are passionate about their online activities not being tracked in any way, and some of them use various ad blocking and anti-tracking technology that no tracking system can beat.

So what should you do about these users?

Our strong recommendation is to simply not think about them – because it shouldn’t affect the tracking and optimization of your online marketing in any way.

If out of every 100 people who click on your ads a few don’t want to be tracked, that’s just fine …

All of your important metrics – like your opt-in rates, your conversion rates, average visitor value, ROAS, etc. – are either not going to be affected at all, or in the case of something like Net Profit or ROAS they will be slightly less than what you see in your Shopping Cart, CRM or other systems you might use.

Even in the latter case, your stats simply won’t be affected enough to make a meaningful difference, so it’s just not something you should waste your energy thinking about.

Is ClickMagick tracking affected by any popular anti-tracking apps?

ClickMagick’s tracking systems are currently unaffected by any known anti-tracking tool.

If it ever does happen we’ll review the situation at that time and take appropriate action. Even though we’d recommend you don’t stress about it, there are a few things we can probably do to “get around” some of the anti-tracking apps and technology being used if necessary.

For example, most of them block the loading of tracking “scripts” based on the domain it’s loaded from.

So with ClickMagick Campaigns for example, rather than loading the main “cmc.js” script from our domain like you do now, if our domain got blocked you could use this instead which would load it directly from Amazon’s servers:

Another option would be to allow you to set up your own custom domain to load our tracking “scripts” from, which is another thing we can do if necessary.

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