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What do the relative change red and green arrows mean?

If you’ve ever followed the stock market, you know that current stock prices are always shown with “up” or “down” indicators that tell you how the stocks are currently performing compared to yesterday.

In ClickMagick, we show the same type of indicator with your stats.

If you see a red or green arrow next to a stat, that’s telling you whether the value is higher or lower compared to the same stat for the previous amount of time.

For example, if you’re looking at “Today’s” stats, the indicators are comparing against “Yesterday’s” stats.

If you’re currently looking at “This Month” or “This Year”, the indicators will be comparing against “Last Month” or “Last Year” respectively.

These relative indicators give you an instant glance at how your numbers are moving over time.

Article 785 Last updated: 08/16/2022 5:02:27 AM