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What is the Facebook Event Match Quality Score?

Your Facebook Event Match Quality scores indicate how effective the conversion data that ClickMagick sends to Facebook on your behalf is at matching that particular conversion to a specific Meta user account.

Matched events help you deliver your ads to people who are more likely to take the action you care about, and attribute those actions back to your ads. Better event match quality means events are more likely to match to a Meta account, which can help you see more conversions and lower your cost per result.

To learn more, please see this Facebook article:

About event match quality

In short, per Facebook’s recommendation, you want to aim for a “good” or “great” match score …

And there is nothing else available anywhere that can help you get a higher match score than Audience Optimization Pro.

What information does Audience Optimization Pro send to Facebook’s Conversions API?

Below is a screenshot from Facebook showing all of the available Customer Information Parameters that they accept, which all help to increase your Event Match Quality score.

ClickMagick sends ALL of these parameters for you automatically, in real-time, if they are available ...

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