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How do I track affiliate sales using Sub-IDs?

If the affiliate offers you’re promoting don’t support Tracking Pixels or Postback URLs, you’ll generally have to resort to using “Sub-IDs” for conversion tracking.

Some of the affiliate platforms where you’re forced to use Sub-ID tracking include:

     CJ Affiliate

To track your sales using Sub-IDs you need to pass a unique Sub-ID to your affiliate link with each click. With ClickMagick it’s as simple as adding a unique [clickid] token wherever you want the Sub-ID to be inserted into your affiliate link.

You can find a complete walkthrough of how to set this up for the JVZoo network here:

How do I track sales with my affiliate network?

If you’re using one of the other networks where you need to use Sub-IDs to track conversions, you would follow exactly the same steps that you see in the article for JVZoo.

The only real difference is in how you pass the [clickid] token to your network. LinkShare and ShareASale use these [clickid] query string parameters which you would simply append to the end of your affiliate links:
  LinkShare &U1=[clickid]
  ShareASale &afftrack=[clickid]

If you’re working with Amazon, you’ll want to read about Amazon Tracking IDs here:

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