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What are other ways to track affiliate sales?

You can learn about the three most common ways to track affiliate sales in this article:

How do I track sales with my affiliate network?

But if the affiliate network or program you’re promoting doesn’t support any of the three industry-standard methods of tracking affiliate sales you’ll have to get a little creative ...

We generally recommend something that we simply refer to as the “Bonus Page” method.

To implement the “Bonus Page” method, simply come up with some type of bonus for people to claim after they’ve made their purchase.

The bonus could be a free phone consultation, a free eBook, a complimentary webinar, a WordPress plugin, or anything else that might make sense for your buyers.

All you have to do is add your ClickMagick tracking pixel to the bonus page so that ClickMagick will record the sale whenever someone visits the bonus page to claim their “prize.”

This approach won’t be 100% accurate because probably not everyone will visit your bonus page …

But, if you give people a compelling reason to visit your bonus page this workaround works very well.

Even if you aren’t able to track every single sale, all of the stats you see in ClickMagick will still be accurate from a relative standpoint, and they can still be used to optimize your traffic and your funnel.

Article 94 Last updated: 05/12/2021 7:00:00 AM