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Can you figure out my “solo ad” discrepancies?

Unfortunately, this is one thing we can’t do for you.

However, we’ve put together an extremely detailed guide that covers everything we know on the topic, so you can hopefully figure out the problem on your own.

You can find that here:
  Why don’t my click stats match [something else]?

Again, please understand that everything we know is fully detailed at the link above. You could hold a gun to our heads and we simply couldn’t tell you anything else.

After reading the above, the only thing left is for you to spend the time it takes to figure out the problem.

There’s nothing we can do that you can’t do for yourself.

Why can’t you figure out my discrepancies for me?

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the solo ad world is a pretty sketchy “industry.”

It’s full of crooks and scammers (some who are VERY sophisticated), and due to the way most people operate their solo ad businesses it also has a bunch of other inherent and oftentimes unsolvable problems.

Some of these problems are quite technical in nature, and even solo ad “gurus” who’ve been doing this for years have no clue what these problems really are or how to solve them.

Discrepancies can also take TONS of time to figure out (when it’s even possible). Sometimes hours.

Based on all of the above, this is just not something we can spend our time and resources on.

We’d have to at least DOUBLE our prices for solo ad users to do this, but solo ad users wouldn’t pay those prices so it’s kind of a Catch-22.

But that’s the long and short of it …

If you want to play the solo ad game you’re going to have to get really good at this type of thing on your own.

“I just know it’s a problem with ClickMagick!”

Sorry, but it’s really not.

We have a Bug Bounty Program where we pay $1,000+ to anyone who can find bugs in our system, and in the past 3 years no one has submitted any “proof” or documentation showing any related problem with ClickMagick …

… for the simple reason that there are none.

ClickMagick always has been, and always will be, the most accurate click tracker for “solo ads” on the planet.

If anyone says otherwise they’re lying to you. Guaranteed.

(Most likely they’re one of the scammers for whom we’ve made life more difficult. We’ve made it much harder to scam people, so they like to bad-mouth us from time to time).

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