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What is the Traffic Quality Score metric?

ClickMagick takes all the data it gathers about your traffic and comes up with a “Traffic Quality Score” for each and every tracking link you set up.

To access it, click on the Reports menu to the right of your tracking link, and select Traffic Quality from the drop-down.

It’s a number between 0-100 that gives you an “at a glance” look at the quality of each links’ traffic.

In “report card” terms …

   would be an “A” (very good) …

would be a “B” (good) …

would be a “C” (average) …

would be a “D” (poor) …

… and anything under 40 indicates pretty low-quality traffic that’s worth just a fraction of “regular” traffic.

Anything with a score below 40 should also be looked at closely as it’s very likely to be fake or “bot” traffic.

For more information, read this article:

How does ClickMagick monitor my traffic quality?

Tip: Keep in mind that the Traffic Quality Score algorithm gives a lot of weight to Tier 1 clicks, so if you’re specifically targeting non-Tier 1 traffic the Traffic Quality Score may not be particularly useful to you.
Note: The Traffic Quality Score does not consider flagged or blocked clicks when computing the score. The score is based only on clicks that ClickMagick recognizes as clicks from “real” people, not clicks from bots, spiders, etc. This is important to know if you’re buying traffic and discover that your traffic source is selling you bot clicks as if they are “real” clicks from real people. Mentally adjust your score down accordingly… 

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