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How do I set up tracking with WarriorPlus?

You’ve probably heard in forums and elsewhere that WarriorPlus does not properly support tracking...

In particular, WarriorPlus does not support Postback URLs which is the industry-standard method for accurately tracking sales. To make the situation even more difficult, WarriorPlus does not even support a non-standard way of tracking sales using any 3rd-party tracking systems…

There are other affiliate networks that don’t support Postback URLs. Instead, these networks support the other industry-wide standard: tracking pixels.

WarriorPlus does support tracking pixels, which is maybe why they don’t support Postback URLs, but there is a huge problem: WarriorPlus does not implement tracking pixels correctly…

When you add a Sales tracking pixel to a funnel, that pixel is supposed to fire after a sale has been successfully made so that you can track actual sales.

In the case of WarriorPlus, when you add a Sales tracking pixel, WarriorPlus fires that pixel when visitors land on your Checkout page—before any payment information is even accepted.

Landing on a Checkout page in no way means that a visitor is actually going to buy anything, so this is a pretty significant flaw.

Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with ClickMagick. No 3rd-party tracking system can work properly with WarriorPlus because WarriorPlus doesn’t support industry-standard tracking.

So what can you do if you’re using WarriorPlus?

With ClickMagick, you can track everything up to the actual sale by using Action and Engagement tracking pixels. You would use Action tracking pixels following an opt-in page, for example, and using an Engagement tracking pixel for the WarriorPlus Checkout page is exactly what you would want for that.

But in order to track your sales, you’ll need to look at your WarriorPlus reports. To make the process much easier, you can use Sub-IDs with your links and use these Sub-ID values to make sense of your WarriorPlus reports.

WarriorPlus uses the term “tracking code” for a Sub-ID, so look for that phrase when searching their knowledge base.

To pass a “tracking code” to your WarriorPlus link, simply add a “/” to the end of your link and then add any piece of text that will help you identify the traffic source or anything else you want to track:<affiliate link>/<your_tracking_code>

For more information, read this article from the WarriorPlus knowledge base:
  Can I track sales from different traffic sources?

With this setup, you can track the progress through your funnel using ClickMagick and track actual sales using your WarriorPlus reports.
Tip: If you would like to see WarriorPlus support industry-standard Postback URLs and fix their incorrectly-implemented tracking pixel support, please contact their support desk and let them know. Virtually every other affiliate network out there supports these industry-wide tracking protocols so if enough WarriorPlus users ask for this support, perhaps WarriorPlus will implement them as well.

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